Sunday, 31 August 2014

Journeying towards an 18th century wargame (1)

Today is a very sunny Sunday in the Duchy of Tradgardland. After Mass and coffee at home I cut the grass. During the grass cutting ( often a good time to think over things) I was musing on my desire to do a "Portable Wargame" set up for the 18th Century.This was sparked off yesterday by finding some 40mm Prince August chaps in a drawer.They would look great in a gridded game with simple terrain I thought...
So far various of us in various places have played many different periods as small,gridded games. I myself have tried Napoleonic ,Interwar and WW2 to name but some. So is anyone out there working on a 18th century gridded game- European theatre? Are there rules out there ( Wargames Miscellany for example) which I have missed? The project seemed just right for Autumn evening- easily set up & away,simple to play and most of all hopefully fun.
Has anyone got any thoughts ideas to share with me...

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Skirmish in the Carpet Valley

Saturday afternoon and I managed to get in a  solo game.I wanted to try out The Tin Brigadier rules by Ross.  Here are the starting positions of Army Red/White and Army White-
(Don't forget to click on them  for a closer view)Army R/W is at the bottom of the picture.

Army R/W cyclists cycle past Book Hill towards the enemy in the woods...
Army W lancers charge Army R/W infantry and a fraught melee ensues.
An exchange of fire between dismounted cyclists and infantry near Fir Wood.
Army R/W infantry flee from the valley in disarray...
Army R/W infantry advance with a General in attendance...
A fierce battle in progress for Other Book Hill.
Both armies retreated to tend their wounded and honours were even. A most enjoyable skirmish and I will definitely use these rules again.Figures were 54mm  and by various manufacturers including Brtains and Dorset Soldiers.
Many thanks for your  helpful replies to my previous post about getting a youngster & his dad into the hobby.I am still mulling things over. Incidentally he seems to have really enjoyed studying the Tudors at school,especially Henry viii

Saturday, 23 August 2014

A way in...

Friends are up visiting us from England .They have a nine year old son. The father ( who wargamed with figures at school,but not since around forty years ago) would like to get his son into historical figure gaming  as opposed to fantasy. I said I would have a think for ideas/a way in.
.I am thinking of rules  etc etc
Any thoughts gentlemen?

Project placement

My new project as late summer becomes early autumn ( which I will endeavour to adhere to ) is to do some gaming set in the early ( initially)17th century in the settlements/colonies of the New World. It will be  (I hope) 40mm, toy soldier,Tin Brigadier,simple home adapted rules,fun,Close Wars,Deutsche Homage,gridded/ungridded  etc sort of inspired...

I cannot make up my mind whether I should host it on this current blog or neatly place it away thematically as many of you do on a period/game specific blog.There is indeed an attraction in a "one stop shop" for all my gaming but also I like the idea of  having a "New World" so to speak.What do you think?

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Another picture etc

Thanks for your comments you left at my last post.The "close war" rules are most interesting and I will have a go at using them,with a few amendments - to cover matchlock and flintlock for example. By the way this project is not FIW in another scale.
 .Anyone care to guess what period they thing I might be going to game?
I am  posting another picture to show three figures which are not the same as those I have already photographed-
The figure on the bottom right is skulking- a clue to a book I am re reading in preparation for gaming.amending rules.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Old Toy Soldiers or picking up an old project & can you identify these?

I started this project last autumn when I was off work recovering from an op.I laid it aside and have thought about it on and off periodically. At the weekend I looked it out and completed a few figures from it.
They are 42mm Deutsche Homage figure from Irregular Miniatures.Not to everyone's taste I know but I do like Heyde/Haffner look of them.They are most definitely toy soldiers and that is the look I have gone for.They are an integral ,if not representative,part of one side.The others are moving forward on the paint bench,but will probably now have to wait until next weekend before being worked on.

Recently I have been on the look out for the opposition.I had thought of some more Irregular chaps but came across the figures below and bought them.They were waiting for me at home having arrived in the post today.They were just under £20 pounds,including postage, for around 25 of them-
I am pleased with these well played with figures.They are battered a little,different in scales with the bowmen kneeling being  smaller than the running and charging others-yet for me that just adds to the charm of this endeavour.Paint is flaking and I think I will restore/repaint them,trying to retain as much of the original paint as I can,They will make an excellent start to an opposition force. Can anyone shed light upon their age,manufacturer etc?There seem to be not marks on the bases as far as I can see. I am not interested really in their value but just want to find out more...

Sunday, 17 August 2014


I'm down with fluy,coldy,throaty thing at present and have been most of the week-not to mention the ever tightening screw that is work. I've not felt like doing a lot this weekend but have been thinking...

I've been musing of late under the influence- of Heyde and Spenkuch that is!
I've been thinking of my German forebears in Kunzelsau in the last decades of the 19th Century.I've been thinking about the toy soldiers they would have possibly owned/played with.
Does anyone know of information about toy soldiers in per war Germany,I have Hans Roer's Speilfiguren and a reprint of a Heyde Catalogue of the period. I guess I am looking for background,availability relative price,influence etc- a sort of social history.
Finally does anyone know if Little Wars was played in pre war Germany at all or any parallel movement/rules of the time?