Saturday, 22 November 2014

Apps chaps?

We bought an i Pad Air yesterday. For a while, some time ago, I had use of an i Pad through work but we are delighted to have our own now. I wonder if you would like to recommend  Apps for us- free or otherwise...

Friday, 21 November 2014

A Tony Bath question

Friday night at last- thank goodness!
A question- what real life ancient armies did  Tony Bath use to represent his different Hyborian nations?

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Happy St Margaret's Day!

Today (Sunday) is St Margaret of Scotland's Day. She was a formidable and devout woman who did much to influence the country and people. Queen,mother,champion of the poor,refugee,exile and much more she was a great figure in 11th century Europe. She lived for years in the city where I live (with her husband the king) and first came ashore as a political exile where I work.Where I work is named after her and my daughter's schools were named thus too. A fascinating figure well worth reading about at the very least...

What to look for in autumn, for ancients...

Morning all!
I have resolved to put all my ancient gaming here from now on-
Do pop by for a look...

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

A letter arrives

The new Duke has just been delivered letters from the officer commanding the Schwabische Kreis of the Reichsarmee. Apart from the usual formalities and pleasantries ( albeit in short supply) there is information regarding the imminent arrival of I R Alt Wurttemburg and I R Baden -Durlach in the Duchy of Tradgardland. They will be billeted in the Tradgardstadt in order that drill and other exercises of arms might be undertaken with the Tradgardland regiments.
The Duke immediately heads off to speak with his Head Gardener,sorry Janissary Guard Commander, telling him of the forthcoming arrivals and tells him that  tents need to be erected with great haste. The Janissary Commander  tells his men to put away their false moustaches and get changed into their everyday clothes as there is much work to be done..

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Meet the new Duke of Tradgardland

It is a month now since the old Duke of Tradagrdland retired from the burdens of Statecraft to become a monk. He has settled well  into his new life of prayer and meditation and cares little for his old life. He is ,however,interested to hear how his 2nd cousin is getting on as the new Duke- Duke Aeneas the Third.
Duke Aeneas is a very different fellow indeed. Here is his newly decorated bedroom at the Ducal Palace-
And here below is  a portrait of Aeneas as a young man-
The new Duke is consumed by the East and by that decadent fashion sweeping Europe - Turquerie!
Since arriving he has already formed his own Janissary Guard-
He is unaware of the hours of work spent sewing by candlelight in dusty attics to make the costumes from a pattern sent by the seamstresses of Augustus the Strong of Saxony. He remains unaware too of the huffs and puffs  of the Palace Gardeners forced to wear this outlandish attire and wear false moustaches. 
Yes things (not to mention the buildings) are going to be different under the rule of Aeneas the Third...

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Thanks etc

Firstly a great big thanks for your supportive comments to my previous post.They have really helped.I am fortunate to blog amongst such a splendid  community within the ether. I am feeling a little more like myself.Tired but moving forward.
On the hobby front I am currently rebasing/organising my 18th century 25/28mm collection in order to unify it into one project re organisation and base size.I am looking forward to seeing it all upon the table together once they are based etc. As part of this I posted the following on Emperor v Elector and am repeating it here-
"Morning all!
I looking for information about the Reichsarmee. How often did they meet as batts/regts for training?At what level did they train -company,batt or what? Information re the different contingents and how often they came together and the officers and their background. Did the soldiers practice on firing ranges/pardadegrounds/wasteland/heaths in their local communities? The more I think about it how little I know about the day to day working of the reichsarmee at a low level...
Thanks in anticipation
Finally I couldn't resist posting this little picture I found whilst searching-