Monday, 28 July 2014

Nymphis Sacrvm Vicani Tradgardenes

The Duchy of Tradgardland has come to see the new temple within the Duke's garden.The are filled with admiration for the design and it's creation also.
Mr Noyle and Mr Neville ( antiquarians extraordinaire) are pleased to see that the inscription, they discovered inscribed in stone during one of their recent delvings, has been used.They are however slightly less impressed with the rendering of it in paint by the master painters and apprentices of the Guild...
Next they will wonder at the statues of the Sirens...

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Valhalla etc

Tradgardland was beset by haar (mist not pirates by the way) first thing. Jan and I had to go into Edinburgh to contract some business on our behalf.The haar burnt away by the time we had finished lunch in St Andrews Square Gardens.Edinburgh is a vibrant place at the best of times but with trams,pre festival preparations and sun Auld Reekie is simply wonderful.
In the evening Phil came over for a game of Vahlla.I had prepared some Welsh ( unarmoured and all with throwing spears or bows) specially.Phil brought his Saxons.Here is the situation at the start-
Table mats under cloth as hills and a simple set up- we are just getting used to the rules .The Welsh had sprinted for cover from their side of the table and awaited the Saxons...
The Welsh started off  well skirmishing to varying degrees of success...
All began to go wrong when it came to close combat.The highlight of the game was a Saxon warrior who threw double after double in combat and was surrounded with slain enemies-
The Welsh then failed a morale test and quite understandably fled off the table edge.All in all a fun game,not taxing upon the brain but producing a reasonable result.Next time we will try a scenario based game and check beforehand we are using the rules correctly.I had wanted to shoot into a melee but the rules were a little vague - I will read up for next time too.
On our return from Auld Reekie the postman had delivered this-
It looks interesting on first glance-have any of you tried it? I am swithering about using it or Hordes of the Things for a little summery Thomas Burnett Swan inspired gaming but not sure which way to go.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

A day out and an update for Jeff and others...

Today we all had a day out to the Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh.Here is a picture of me sitting in front of the planting to commemorate the start of the Great war-
 we had a lovely day out and magnificent weather too.
Here is the latest pics of the ECW project-
The highlanders will use irregular shaped movement trays...
A couple of 32 figure musket/pike regiments...
Earlier this evening I made a four barreled leather gun from an old paintbrush and kebab sticks- we will see how it looks when painted.
By the way has anyone used highlanders with the Bayonet ECW rules?

Monday, 21 July 2014

A day of inspiration... and sunne too

Yesterday a number of things occurred which inspired me re the hobby and beyond. Firstly I found some Les Higgins chaps  ( from Old John) I got some years ago.They are just asking to be finished.Splendid Old School fellows oozing charm. I have plans afoot to continue the project...
Secondly these arrived - Click on for a larger picture.
When at Blackwells (house not bookshop) I had seen this newish book on The Arts and Crafts movement in Scotland. My wife remarked to me afterwards that my eyes lit up as I read it in the Blackwells gift shop ( veritable mine of amazing volumes on the Arts and Crafts movement by the way) and I have taken little persuasion to order it. Well this tome arrived yesterday and is fantastic- beautifully produced and  filled with so much fascinating info.
Whilst uptown I picked up a copy of Current Archaeology magazine. When reading I saw an illustration of 11th century Saxon fortifications on Silbury Hill. Now there's a modelling thought in 28mm or even 40mm...
My ECW movement trays arrived from Warbases (great company to deal with) and will move my project forward.
Finally on another blog I read a comment by John Preece mentioning a 96 figure Captain General's regiment.John, if you do read this please tell us more!

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Dalauppror asked (amongst others) that I post a photo of the raised beds when they were planted up.Here they are this week-
Despite the high winds of the other day the Duchy of Tradgardland plaque is now in place-

Friday, 18 July 2014

When we were away

We have been back from Ambleside ( we had excellent weather) a week now so it is time high time for a post on the holiday.We managed to enjoy the surrounding countryside by walking-
This is Stock Ghyl Force in Ambleside.
High Sweden Bridge- an old pack horse bridge.
We also visited interesting places none more so than Blackwell- a house designed inside and out by M H Baillie Scott.He is probably my favourite Arts and Crafts architect and designer.
We also found splendid places to eat like Blackwell's above and Chesters , Skelwith Bridge below-
Chesters has an outside eating area perched just above the river and is a great place to think,read,write or daydream as well as enjoy generous portions of cake and fantastic home cooked pizzas. here is a link to them-
All in all a great holiday was had by the whole family.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

By Ben Afleck, near Glen Ford...

It is good to be off work.This morning I walked uptown to Mass and then got some 1p bases on the way home.We finished building the table/bench combo we bought yesterday and used it for the first time at lunch.The great weather continues and the sunne shines on us here in Tradgardland. Of late I have spent some time mentally strolling on slopes of Ben Afleck near Glen Michael - for those of you who have forgotten the awful jokes or are  new here let me direct you to my following post- on my 17th century pun filled part of Scotland.
It has encouraged me to rebase/prepare some figures for some forthcoming battles in mid 17th century Scotland.
Here is the scene of chaos/endeavour/industry in the shed above and below.
The rules will be the Bayonet ECW ones by Neville Dickinson and I am going to use a variety of movement trays from Warbases.
Finally more puns/place names welcome for the forthcoming map- go on give it your worst shot!