Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Tree pictures...

We put up our tree tonight as the girls have returned from university.It is pot grown and we will try to grow it on outside after Christmas.
And now a close up with the tree surrounded with items filled with memories-
Finally some new and newish residents awaiting some wood foraging orcs ...

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Don't blame it on the sunshine....blame it on the Mad Padre! :)

I had innocently posted a few days ago about my desire to get a Minifigs M.E range dragon for my "Old School"  Middle Earth gaming. That was as far as I had thought. Then along comes this comment to my post-
I am intrigued and delighted by the possibility that there is a corner of the Duchy where dragons live. Unless it's a parallel universe to the Ducy ....                                                                                                                                   
Oh dear , that was indeed a seed planted into my mind ! and so I began some research in the Duchy of Tradgardland Library vaults-
Firstly I came upon the above in a dusty,neglected tome.
Then evidence was found of what some poor 18th Century gentleman suffered in his garden.
Another example from the later 17th Century was found  in a leather bound volume half hidden under dusty pelts . Finally a rare  pair of etchings proved to conclusive-
Michael ,what may you have begun...

Friday, 12 December 2014

Turning bad into good...

Of late I have woken almost every day around four in the morning-one minute asleep, the next wide awake fretting about work matters. Often that is me awake for the day, though I lie in bed quietly ( or try to) until around an hour and a half later when I get ready for work.
 Today (thankfully) is Saturday and so I got up to make coffee. After that I listened to two episodes of "Master & Commander on the  i player radio app whilst painting some Mythical Earth  Ents,Giants and other "old school" figures. It has been a most agreeable way to begin the weekend...

Hip to be square?

I have enjoyed (of late and for some time now) wargames using a square grid. Be it the "Portable Wargames" of Bob or Ross's "Gathering of Hosts" they have given me some excellent solo gaming. This week a thought popped into my mind-
the staggered square grid ,if that's what it is called.
I wonder what the pros and cons of such grids are and if one could use them with rules set up for a normal squared grids? Are they merely an easier to draw substitute for hexagons? How would a staggered grid effect my games? Any thoughts gentlemen?

Thursday, 11 December 2014

100 not out

Tomorrow ,12th December, would have been the hundredth birthday of Patrick O'Brian.

Still bringing pleasure and joy to readers everywhere...

There I have you,' cried Jack. 'You are bit - you are completely dished. Don't you know that in the Navy you must always choose the lesser of two weevils? Oh ha, ha, ha, ha!” 
― Patrick O'Brian

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Mythical Earth

Missed out on a pile of old school monsters on e $£y tonight.I had fancied the Mythical Earth dragons in particular but nearly thirty pound was a tad expense for my warchest. This is the chap-
If anyone has a spare one they want rid of for a fair price let me know...
p.s on a more positive note I got two giants,two beorn bearmen and two large ents (all from the M.E range) for a reasonable price.

Friday, 5 December 2014

A map begun...

The weekend at last and what a busy one.Anyway it's Friday night and two days work free awaits. I have been musing on a map and name for my Hyboria inspired campaign. Using free resources on the web I have begun with this-
I have yet to add borders of kingdoms/countries to the map. I have named it Guyleria after Deryck Guyler. Here is a picture of him (he's the one in the middle) with other famous wargamers-
I loved the picture of his painted Ancient Flats that I saw in the T V Times as a boy. I also recall with affection his TV characters from "Please Sir" and other sitcoms from the 1960/70s. So Guyleria it is...