Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Black dog and the hobby

The black dog has been sniffing around again. He caught me unawares after some time away from me.
During such visits all my hobby efforts seem worthless and that which I have painted/imagineered/planned counts as naught. Does anyone else have similar experiences?

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Updates- Helms,lead and leads

Half term at last and I am off for a week-huzzah! I cannot post the pictures I took with my eldest's camera as she forgot the lead! You therefore will not be able to see what I am painting or the glorious Cosmos flowers in the garden.
For my Lion Rampant project I have taken delivery of some Brettonian GW archers and knights ( they are big but splendid) for my medieval Tradgardland  forces. I love the tourney style helms and the figures should look spectacular in action. In the mean time a couple of pictures I got to add inspiration to my painting-
These pictures remind me of a 1914 Munich calendar I got some years ago from an antique dealer-
It is very colourful inside too-
I have started painting six of the knights to get onto the table this holiday for a Lion Rampant game hopefully later in the week.
The lack of camera lead means you cannot see a picture of  some 54mm lead soldiers in home service uniform I bought for a 1885 North West rebellion game. I am in two minds about repainting old lead but will go for it- I think they deserve it.

I have also been thinking about Fellund and hope to have delivery of some London Warroom Spanish mountain troops soon to move the Fellund forces forward. I am trying to come with a flag design too.

Finally I have been lurking around Glorantha based sites of late becoming increasingly drawn into that arcane world. I have succumbed and sent off for 12 Broo by Madknight.I will use them against some peltasts etc I have lying around. I still am looking for a way in to Glorantha - the blogs/websites/illustrations I have looked at raise as many questions as they answer.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Mountain troops or honest I have not been forgetting 18th Century Tradgardland...

Many of you (?) may be missing some input from that stalwart of 18th Century imaginations namely The Duchy of Tradgardland. It is not forgotten,just resting and now awakened....
During my summer hols I discovered some interesting documentation ( in a secret drawer at the back of my 18th century portable writing desk,hidden behind broken pipe fragments and a nib sharping pen)

 regarding the Archbishopric of Fellund. Depending on what sources consulted it seems that Fellund is on the border of Tradgardland and is in some obscure way is either part of the Duchy or not. It is all vague and the High German script is hard to read. Anyway whilst having lunch at Chesters
 ( http://www.chestersbytheriver.co.uk/ ) in July I took time to make  notes on Fellund ,its history,culture and relationship with Tradgardland. I was particularly interested to read of the ill fated expedition of 1764. As my research allows I hope to present my findings here.In the meantime some historical illustrations-

  " The light of reason shines upon a dark land or Darkmere ,Fellund" painted by Ulrich Ludwig Ullandds.
A Fellund fusilier wrongly attributed  as Catalan from the archive at Wargstadt Seminary Library.
                                       Another wrongly attributed etching from the same collection

Friday, 26 September 2014


Weekend at last.That part of life which is not Faith,Family,Home or Hobby (in other words £$%^) has been particularly trying this week to say the least.I am so glad it is Friday evening.
However the post man brought these-
On first glance they look excellent ,well illustrated ,well written and best of all look fun to play. I intend to use them with my 28mm medievals and my 1970s Mythical Earth figures.Loads of fun ahead I'm sure. Have any of you tried them? How did you get on and what retinues are you collecting?

Friday, 19 September 2014

Books etc

Weekend at last.It has been a long week but it is over. The postman brought a new volume for the Duchy of Tradgardland library-
I have always wanted a copy and finally found one at an extremely good price. Many of you will know the military images from this of late 15th century troops including a wagon fort and tented camp etc. Here is an example of perhaps a less well known image-
I love the detail,the wee vignettes( fisherman,swan castle details for example) which tell a story,the evocation of another time.I hope to use this as inspiration for some modelling and gaming.
The postman didn't however bring my pre ordered copy of "Lion Rampant" which I was promised would be here  today (Saturday) as ordered.Instead Amazon now say it will come around the 26th.I had pre ordered and asked for a day of release delivery-20th. However an email yesterday told me of the change-annoying as I was looking forward to reading it over the weekend.
My eldest has now gone off to the Glasgow School of Art,straight into 2nd year.She has taken her camera with her and so the Duchy is without the possibility of taking photos at present.Updates will be the written word only for the moment.
Finally a recommendation-
A most enjoyable and diverting read for the train this week,do give it a go

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

A Very Big Day

Thursday 6.45 a.m and the polls open in 15 minutes.
 I will cast my vote on the way  to work at 7.00 am.
A very big day here.I hope it goes well for all and I,for one, will be glad when it is over...
May we all use our votes well for the common good.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Mr Anon not blissfully unaware...

 Found this  page this morning by chance when looking for uniform info  and read the following-

The chap who offered the name participated in a solitary show game and contributed not a single model yet his casual suggestion outlasted him by 19 years. I have seen him occasionally at events in Scotland and he is still perhaps blissfully unaware that it was his idea. Mr Anon was an infrequent member of an extended gaming circle during 1992-93 but quickly fell by the wayside mainly as he seemed to have little interest in doing anything more than talking about games. Ironically, the name is not what I personally would have chosen. It seemed a bit pretentious at the time and has only sat comfortably with me through familiarity of use. I however had no alternative to hand and for the sake of a scribbled piece of paper to mark our table space at a small show, it seemed churlish to object.

I think that I am indeed the aforementioned  Mr Anon! 

Harry Bilton  at his best...
What do you think ?