Saturday, 25 July 2015

What are you reading this summer?

Here's some of the books  we are reading in the Duchy this summer-
My middle daughter is reading this on our recommendation.It's one of the few novels I wanted to start reading again just after I had finished it.
Eldest's choice and is really enjoying it.
Jan's reading this and I have dipped enjoyably in and out of it.
More enjoyable Church history reading for me filled with devotion and eccentricity too.
Great production values ( love the hardback and size of it) and well written I am enjoying this set of rules too currently.
All I need to do is getting my painting mojo back...
Finally what are you all reading and would recommend?

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

A heads up for you

I popped some books into Oxfam's bookshop in Stockbridge Edinburgh yesterday ( Wednesday pm) including a few sets of rules like "Go Pa" and "In the Grand Manner" on so forth. Go along get a bargain and help a good cause.

Sunday, 19 July 2015


Weather in Tradgardland has been disappointing of late and the garden could be much further on.I am a tad tired of rain and high winds trashing the garden.
I have not blogged for a while as my mojo has gone a bit off- flitting restlessly from project to project making little headway on any.
I have been reading a little- mainly late 19th and early 20th century ecclesiastical history focused around Anglo- Catholicism and Anglo- Papalism. You can't go far wrong with Martin Travers!
I had an enjoyable dbm game with my regular opponent ( now retired) of Saxons v Romano Brits which ended in a draw.I have been sorting things for the Charity Shop,having coffee with Jan (whose treatment is doing it's job and whose attitude/spirit/energy never fails to amaze and impress me) as well as contending with stripping wallpaper from stubborn  en-suite walls and  suffering annoyingly high estimates/bills from tradesmens/companies over sundry items/services.
I pre-ordered some rules from Amazon at the end of May.Can you guess what-

Yes that's correct- Frostgrave. I did not buy into the Nickstarter as I did not want to outlay lots of money on the rules and figures. I have enjoyed  the last  few day ferreting through my boxes for suitable Wizards and parties of adventurers. I have found some old friends which I will press into service and save money thereby. The rules are due to arrive tomorrow.Anyone out there tried the rules and what do you think?

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Baptism by fire,well almost

I was given Kelly kettle for  Christmas and decided to give it a go the other day in the garden-
I thought I had set a fire well with  paper & dried sticks collected by Jan and the girls in Falkland but to no avail.The second firing was little better- hotish water but not boiling. I will try again soon.
Up ,far too early, to a sunny Tradgardland. I decided to do some semi flats-
whilst listening to an excellent Radio 4 play "Miss Morison's Ghosts" on my  i pad on radio iplayer.
Oh why I'm here any thoughts on good renaissance wargames rules? I didn't like DBR ,am tempted to return to (inspite of fears re book keeping) George Gush's but am open to suggestions...

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Spotty Seal

My middle daughter (the textile designer one) has now created an Etsy Page with items she has made. Here is an  example-
Do pop over and have a look at the link below. I am a proud dad indeed.

Monday, 6 July 2015

Uber Old School - an update

Remember the above? I had the following email today-

"Dear Mr. Gruber,
I will try to translate the rules in English. It will take some time, perhaps we publish the rules in the Zinnlaube.
You must be patient for a while!
Thank You for Your understanding.
Best wishes
Ignacio Czeguhn"
It is great that a member of the group will be willing to do this for me .Further details will be posted when I hear more...


Really liked this image and also the ideas it suggested to me...