Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Hunting High and Low : a Portable Wargame

Sweden 1807.
Rumours of children going missing from local farmsteads have been coming into the local authorities. Human bones and scraps of clothing have been found. An investigation has been undertaken and as a result of it some soldiers have been sent into the forest...
The light infantry are responding to stories of a strange creature seen by moonlight. They are armed and go into the trees reluctantly...

Friday, 8 November 2019

PD Hancock and model soldiers

l just found this today in an oration given at his funeral. I did not know he was interested in model soldiers,I wonder if anyone can tell us more?
“Philip was born in Edinburgh in 1928 his mother having returned from India where she and Philip’s father were stationed with the Army; his father in the Army Education Corps, his mother a nanny to the sons of the Colonels of two Indian Regiments. As an Army child his early life was peripatetic. A particularly happy episode was their time in Malta, despite this coming to an abrupt end in 1940 as the battle for Malta began. In later years he often used to speak of this period of his life, and he retained an interest in Indian history and in military life, the last most notably through his reading and his fine collection of model soldiers.”

Inspiring Reads - P D Hancock

 Many of us are taken by the imagineering in the world of wargaming. Books like Charge are favourites for many of us. Names like Brigadier Peter Young inspire us still. Today l want to highlight a giant from the world of model railways- P D Hancock. He created an imaginary railway the Craig &  Mertonford  Railway in his bedroom. I love his attention to detail as witnessed to by the back story he wrote including a map and history. I love the layout plans as seen below. The life’s work of a creative individual who still inspires today.

Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Gaming and reflecting

On Monday l played an ACW game with my two regular opponents. We were trying out a new set of rules to us “ Charge boys, Charge!” from the Old Glory Uk website, l think by Andy  C. The scenario was based upon Burnside bridge l believe and involved dicing for fords and for confederate arrivals.
 It was great fun and has been left up to finish next week. The rules were four sides of A4, more than enough for me. The death of another wargaming giant this week has made me do a lot of thinking about the hobby, of the part it has played in my life and how it has enriched it.Books ,lead, plastic and dice have been a constant through thick and thin.Also this week l have been tinkering with Nordic Bronze Age rules by a fellow wargamer who has just completed a thousand miles. They were fun, simple and enjoyable too. I contrast that with a how to play video from a mega manufacturer who had done their best to make a complicated system accessible. It was too much for me. Gamey too if you know what I mean.
As time goes on all l want is to play ( with others or solo) are simple ,fun games with rules that don’t exhaust ,bewilder or frustrate me.  Toy soldiers,dice and good company that’s what the hobby is and story ( or scenario led if you prefer) games. Imagineering too as exemplified by the EvE creation of Bluebear Jeff. I have “met” so many super folk through the hobby, kind and sharing folk some who l have had the privilege to meet in person. Let’s cherish our hobby, our blogs each other and our gaming.

Thursday, 31 October 2019

Scandinavian Bronze Age

 The release of the Perry figures coincided with a holiday to Denmark  some years ago as well as seeing the Lur horns for the first time in the bronze, so to speak. I hadn’t visited the National Museum of Denmark’s  collection from that period for many years until the weekend . I was delighted with what l saw, good interpretive panels and a animation of the Sun chariot which begins by plunging the room into darkness then lights it up with moving figures from rock carvings . Words don’t do it justice, go there and press the button, or better still let a child do it and see their wonderment.P.s  outdoor dining photo slipped in by mistake, just ignore it, thanks.

Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Rosenborg Castle

We visited Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen on Sunday. It is a fascinating place ,well worth a visit. The paintings provided really good depictions of 17th century uniforms and the Tapestries in the throne room are full of details of the Scanian wars. Some were depicted as illustrations in books l have but many were new to me. Combined with some incredible parade armour and saddles, not to mention Crown Jewels and lovely gardens a visitor needs to leave plenty time to appreciate it all.

Sunday, 27 October 2019


I bought these today-
The tapestry book was bought at Rosenborg slot. I was really taken by the tapestries in the throne room of Christian V  and his victories in the Scanian War. I took photos of some and the book shows more. I couldn’t resist this new Osprey. Ok I could have got it a wee bit cheaper at home but it was special to have bought it in Denmark. I look forward to looking at these later. Just back from the Tivoli and off for something to eat.