Friday, 5 June 2020

End of game and starting another

Yesterday saw The Portable Wargame Homeguard game come to a conclusion.

I also worked on the Homeguard skirmish game .

Thursday, 4 June 2020

Towards a Homeguard skirmish game...

Having finished off the German paratroopers today with a sealing coat of pva I tinkered with some ideas of representing a parachute drop. I took inspiration from Wargames Research Group Platoon Action rules of many moons ago-
I used their paper dropping idea then improvised some other rules- ( apologies for typo in photo,it should have read game not cane)

And that’s where we are so far.Next I want to look at dicing for the arrival of a Homeguard patrol on the table and rules for them spotting the enemy. As ever your ideas are most welcome. 

The battle commences.

 I have started the WW2 game and here is what has happened so far...

Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Monday, 1 June 2020

A Portable Wargame

Inspired by David in Suffolk and his blog yesterday I brought forth the 20mm figures and set up a game. I had felt really off my game hobbywise last week but am really looking forward to fighting this little set up. I will play it over the next day or so and post battle reports. As ever click on photos to see them bigger and please do ask any questions you have re figures or terrain.
Now a little closer look...

Sunday, 31 May 2020

Hey Mr Soft

The above title,as well as being a well known song, was also used in an advert for soft mints. In the advert everything from the person to the environment by way of a bendy parking meter is soft. Reader, yesterday I entered that world ...
It began as an ordinary day. In the afternoon I however was struck by a whim to build a Sumerian battle car. Luckily a box of 1/72 HaT figures was about-
I had previously done a little work on some skirmishers and a few trial pikemen and found the plastic softish but manageable. I was not prepared for the opening of the Chariot box! The above spruce was duly prepared by washing in detergent and then the elements cut off it. They were so soft, so bendy, so rubbery, I couldn’t believe it. A dry run with the battle car was already causing a lack of calm but when super glue was added to the equation it was just ridiculous culminating in me being stuck together finger wise as never before. A pity as Sumerians are my favourite ancient army ( apart from Early Imperial Romans, but everyone loves them, apart from hellenophiles ) and my favourite go to area of the British Museum. I closed the lid on the painting desk and walked away.