Saturday, 25 April 2015

Hurrah for Conrad Kinch!

Three cheers for Conrad Kinch bringing to an even wider audience the joys of gaming with grids through his splendid article in Miniature Wargames 385! A useful mention in the article of blogs and bloggers who have done much to move this splendid form of gaming forward especially Ross and Bob.Well done that man I say.

Quo vadis?

Its Saturday morning here in the Duchy. The excellent  weather of late has broken and I can hear rain as I type. Jan's first chemo went well but she is still at the stage of feeling miserable and very  off.Yet she remains so"up beat" as she goes through all this again.

I have been planning and thinking about hobby ideas in the odd moments been domestic and work matters this week. I have been thinking of what to do next with the ideas/lead pile. Is  worth setting out on a bigger project and moving it forward with small steps or to try something less ambitious...

The following have been considered-

  • Big Portable Wargames rules projects in 1/72 .One being a tankfest between Army Red and Army Black on the eastern front. The other being a tankette and infantry game between the Duchy of Volare- Cantare and Austria set in the mid/early 1930s. This project would be on a gridded cloth with plastic figures and tanks. Easily set up,gamed and put away it has much to commend itself not to mention time satisfaction in terms of one tank/two or three infantry painted equals one unit to play with.
  • Norway 1809 - loooong on the back burner . 28mm Napoleonic Norwegians v Swedes- very,very loosely based on the battle of Trangen . I have all the Norwegians,files of information and could build/buy the Swedes over time. This project with involve 24 figure units and a lot of work . Terrain would be a simple wintery theme.Rules would be that thin booklet (can't seem to lay my hands on it now) with a title like simple napoleonic wargaming. based round the Peninsular War it has lots of photos of a game with smallish armies painted in shiny style probably by Bruce (?) somebody?
  • Do bits and bobs as energy/time allow and try to get a balance of solo gaming and painting /modelling on a number of fronts...
Decisions decisions,we shall see...

Saturday, 18 April 2015


We have had a good Easter holiday all things considered and have enjoyed being in and about the garden/house as well as having some most enjoyable wee day trips away.It has also been a time of plans,appointments,disappointments  and changes to plans. To cut a long story short Jan's cancer is back and on Monday 20/4/15 she has her first chemo of  a course of six. She is in good form and we all go back into this positively and dealing with it on conventional and dietary fronts. As before we ask for your positive thoughts and prayers.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

French v Danes Nov 6 1806- help needed

Can anyone tell me what French units were engaged  in the fight with the Danes on that date? I know the Danish units involved but need the French ones.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Ancient gaming

I forgot to mention that I have posted some ancient gaming pictures here-

New additions to the Ducal Library and an old friend

I've got some new additions to my library -
A splendid annual publication on old toy soldiers ,fascinating articles and photos.
An addition to my aid my 18th century Spanish project in 40mm and a most interesting read.
Finally an unexpected gift from a friend-
Looks a good read and one I shall read on my commute when I return to work next week.
Finally an old friend which I have been rereading (today) looking,not for the first time,at its potential to inspire some medieval/fantasy gaming-

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Along the Water of Leith

A phone call yesterday radically changed our plans for this week and beyond. We felt the need for a wee trip out today. We parked at the Gallery of Modern Art in Edinburgh and had a splendid lunch in the cafe.Afterwards Jan & I went for a walk along the river to Stockbridge.We watched a heron and other birds and enjoyed the combination of lovely natural scenery
and beautiful buildings like this one in the Dean Village

This gate caught our eye too-

We looked round some of the Stockbridge shops including the excellent Oxfam bookshop before walking back to the car via Ann Street , it was a good trip out.