Saturday, 2 February 2008

The Ducal Society

At the now Weekly gathering of the Ducal Society all eyes were upon the body recently found in boggy, peaty land not far from the Ducal Capital. The gentlemen were unable to ascertain its age but agreement prevailed as to the corpse being not of the current age. The artifacts found nearby were the subject of lively debate as to useage and provenence. The Duc de Padirac, one of the company with much prior knowledge, felt that all eyes were upon a remote ancestor. The evening ended in convivial sharing of tobacco and ale prior to ajourment at a late hour.


  1. A very fascinating find, a wise interpretation... but beware! Next time the Ducal Society will examin real fossils, conclude that the Earth is older than the 6,000 years recognized by the Church, and whole Tradgarland will be excommunicated...

    Then a Society ending its meetings "in convivial sharing of tobacco and ale" has much to be praised!