Friday, 15 April 2011

Mythical earth gaming circa 1977..

Of late ,here in the Duchy ,I have been wallowing in nostalgia. I have dug out the remnants of my 1970s Minifigs Mythical Earth Range ( here displayed in all their 1970s paint job glory) and re based them retro style on thin card painted green, been sent a copy of the SESWC Middle Earth period rules of the mid 70s and have set up a small game too. I have also been in touch with Dave Ryan of Caliver who intends to release the range once more. I have had great fun doing this and hope to build up a collection again one day. Photos depict an encounter between wood elves and wargs in Mirkwood. I will let you know what happened soon...


  1. I didn't post pictures of them, but I also still have a couple of those wolves, though their original goblin riders have long since disappeared.

  2. OK now I'm getting nostalgic. One of my oldest units, the Valdurian Royal Guard was composed of ME Rohirrim remounted onto the S vintage 1/2 armoured horses.

    I wonder what happened to my winged nazgul?
    Ross Mac