Saturday, 9 June 2012

Nostalgia ...

With better weather here in the Duchy I took a few minutes off from my gardening to set up these splendid 40mm Elastolin landsknechts  bought in Switzerland around 40 years ago. I have a small number of them (around 12) and even more armoured fellows that I used to call  "Swiss" in my games as a boy, and later in skirmish games using Featherstone's rules from his slim but inspiring paperback. The figures still have names and stats stuck on the bottom of the bases from all those years ago...


  1. Wonderful, sir. Just wonderful.

    -- Jeff

  2. What marvellous figures! Can we have a look at the base notes?

  3. These were indeed wonderful figurines. There was a time when they were available unpainted here in the USA, and I purchased several dozen. Alas, they a gone now and certainly a shame they are no longer available. Thanks for posting. - Mike