Sunday, 22 December 2013

In Ny Tradgardland and some kit building...

We left our heroes in danger -
They proceeded to steal the arcane painting belonging to the Guild Master.They then sold it to an antiquarian in Tradgardstadt prior to making their way down to the port with some gold coins in their pockets.

Our gallant heroes have escaped on a ship bound for the New World in the shape of the Duchy of Tradgardland's colony Ny Tradgardland.It is just down the road from the Fortress of Louisbourg.They are making their way around the Colony when they meet upon some grim visaged men.
They are met by a patrol of Tradgardland regular troops and local militia in their distinctive rose coloured caps.Compliments are exchanged and they are informed by the officer that an enemy patrol has been sighted in the area.
They hasten into the log cabin nearby accompanied by the patrol.
The door is bolted and barred. They await the enemy.They will not have long to wait as whoops and whistles fill the air!
To be continued....
This scenario was suggested by my modelling task this morning - a splendid 4Ground building I had never got round to making since  I bought it in January. Whilst making it I decided to base some skirmish games around it, the first of which I hope to game over the next day or so.
As for the kit it was a joy to build with a great instruction sheet and parts that pressed out easily and fitted together so well.


  1. I look forward to reading the after-action report.

    -- Jeff

  2. ditto

    Is that laser-cut wood?
    It looks quite good!

  3. MDF and laser cut I imagine- it really is effective and nothing done but sticking it together.

  4. Excellent cabin....I look forward to the next installment.

  5. That is a handsome cabin, Alan, it looks like some fun games are in store. Have fun and Merry Christmas to you! Jim