Sunday, 2 March 2014

Weekend in the garden and Middle Earth

                                                           This before. Now here is after-
The ground has been leveled,a path reinstated,fencing put up,the border planted up,compost bins moved and our new car ( delivered yesterday) a Honda Jazz in the drive. I'm not terribly into cars beyond them being a mode of transportation but ( for a non-driver) I am very taken with it...
We have been busy in the garden and I have had no time/energy for gaming.However I have begun to rebase the Mythical Earth chaps on individual penny bases to allow skirmish gaming. I also converted a elf to ride a hind as a scout/king- haven't quite decided yet.A work in progress as below-
Uruk-Hai with some weapon conversions and repairs.
Finally got round to basing/painting my hobbits.Again another work in progress.Not my favourite figures but they are growing on me. Hopefully they will defend the Shire in a game very soon...


  1. I admire your gardening skills - still to wet here to get anything done in mine . Think the rebasing is brilliant ! - always think single basing gives each figure its own entity , I remember owning figures like those many many years ago !

  2. You have made excellent progress in both your garden and your Middle Earth wargaming project. I wish that I was doing as well!

    All the best,


  3. Wow - your garden is looking good Alan. There is about 1.5m of snow and ice in mine, with more to come. It will be some time before I catch up to you!

    Your new car will be very popular with the family...

  4. Looking good in the garden....if you fancy a working holiday down South come and do mine :-) The ME stuff is looking great, we must get our heads together about hassling Dave Ryan into re-releasing them.A 2 pronged attack initially and then blog our hearts out to drum up support.

  5. Your garden is shaping up nicely! We finally got some rain here this weekend, but still way short of the average. We will need a lot more to get out of the drought.
    The ME figures look quite "old school" (because they are). Nice work on the conversion of the elf to ride a hind. Seems more suited to being a scout - not "flash" enough for a king, but that's just my opinion.
    ("How do you know he's a king?" "Because he hasn't got s*** all over him.")

  6. Delighted to see somebody doing some gardening! Here in New England we have a foot of snow on the ground and temperatures for the next week at least in the 20s (F).