Friday, 19 September 2014

Books etc

Weekend at last.It has been a long week but it is over. The postman brought a new volume for the Duchy of Tradgardland library-
I have always wanted a copy and finally found one at an extremely good price. Many of you will know the military images from this of late 15th century troops including a wagon fort and tented camp etc. Here is an example of perhaps a less well known image-
I love the detail,the wee vignettes( fisherman,swan castle details for example) which tell a story,the evocation of another time.I hope to use this as inspiration for some modelling and gaming.
The postman didn't however bring my pre ordered copy of "Lion Rampant" which I was promised would be here  today (Saturday) as ordered.Instead Amazon now say it will come around the 26th.I had pre ordered and asked for a day of release delivery-20th. However an email yesterday told me of the change-annoying as I was looking forward to reading it over the weekend.
My eldest has now gone off to the Glasgow School of Art,straight into 2nd year.She has taken her camera with her and so the Duchy is without the possibility of taking photos at present.Updates will be the written word only for the moment.
Finally a recommendation-
A most enjoyable and diverting read for the train this week,do give it a go


  1. Good books...I like the little castle in the lake with mock battlements. Hope your daughter's course goes well.

  2. It looks good. Good luck to your daughter in her studies. A young American friend of ours just started at that very school this month.

  3. I like the picture, too. Good inspiration I'm sure.
    Good luck to your daughter in her studies! Now you need to get your own camera! ;-)