Sunday, 18 January 2015


After church today Jan and I went out to do the first gardening of this year- trim the old hellebore leaves and generally tidy up.It was a beautiful ,sunny if chilly day in the Duchy. Later Tom popped by with some figures for me-
Some splendid cavalry for my ancient gaming and a gun a gabion emplacement to use in other games- many thanks Tom. Look out for  them in games soon!
I'm posting a comparison of my Prince August conversion alongside one of my semi -round fellows-
I'm quite pleased with the conversion-
but not sure how he looks alongside the tall,elegant semi- round.
An attempt at scratchbuilding semi round vehicles came to an abrupt end when I failed to find the wheels/bits and bobs I thought were in the shed. Anyone know of an online source of plastic wheels,pipes etc one could use in scratch building vehicles to match these chaps?

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  1. Gardening in January - I'm quite jealous.
    The little fellow on the left in the middle photo looks quite like the fellows in the illustration - tell us more about them.