Monday, 4 April 2016

The Guild of St Sebastian - some Frostgrave fellows

Erik (Enchanter) looking pensive as ever as he contemplates the forthcoming trip from Tradgardstadt to Felstad.Behind him stands the ever deferential Olaf (Apprentice) with his head buried in a book.He dreams of grimoires,maps and lost books  to add to his newly started collection.
  Brothers Sven and Rolfe (Crossbowmen) first and second in this year's Annual Guild Shooting Contest (held upon the Feast of St Sebastian) are ready for whatever awaits amongst the frozen wastes.
Arnie and Arold (Thieves) are pot scourers,spit turners and rat catchers from the Guild kitchens. They are glad of a change of scene ( robbing opportunities) from the daily drudgery that is their lot.
Ulf and Simon (Men at Arms) by night bouncers at the "Slann's Head Inn" and by day self styled warriors. They have equipped themselves with cheap and nasty armour from Old Ma Sigrid's Armoury to the Stars. Tooled up and ready to go they can hardly contain themselves...
Now the new boys - Old Albert (winner of the Annual Guild Shooting Contest ten years in a row many,many seasons ago) has come out of retirement to wield the Magic Crossbow found on the last expedition. He,it goes without saying,is a Marksman.
Finally young Simon ( Archer) a fresh faced apprentice and enthusiastic bowman remains quietly confident about his first Felstad visit.

St Sebastian remember them...


  1. St. Sebastian... weirdly appropriate.

  2. Sounds/looks like a good characterful band. I like the "Old Albert" figure!

  3. Excellent stuff - where did the figures come from?

    1. Erick is from Middlam miniatures and newish,his apprentice is Gripping Beast And the crossbow men are Citadel medievals.The thieves are foundry ribaldry/Scots and the men at arms are citadel/foundry I think. The archer I have had for decades and Albert the marksman is a citadel villager from years ago.
      I enjoyed finding characters from figures I had lying about.
      Are you going to give Frostgrave a go Conrad?