Saturday, 11 June 2016

The portable TYW wargame?

Whilst reading the English version of this-
I began to wonder what changes would need to be made to the portable ecw wargame rules to use them in the TYW?


  1. ... and would PIkeman's Lament suit also?

  2. I would think that if you treated each unit as a mix of pike and shot with appropriate low shooting and high melee values, tweaked the artillery and cavalry, it should work well enough..

  3. My sense of it is that few changes would be necessary. Many if not most of the commanders in the ECW got their training and tactical expertise while serving on the Continent.

    This is not to say there were no differences at all, but I think it arose more from a different mix of certain unit types than completely different units per se. There was more heavy cavalry in the TYW, and more light cavalry in the Eastern campaigns; and almost certainly more and heavier artillery, but most of this should be covered by ECW rules anyway.

    The one major difference was Gustavus Adolphus's tactical system, including his light, mobile artillery. Some ECW commanders were familiar with it, but it was generally considered too complex for the sort of armies raised during the ECW. Ross's suggestion of treating infantry units as a mix of shot and pike (rather than having the unit composed of distinct shot and pike sub-units) may be a good solution for the Swedish system.

    Just my 2 cents.