Saturday, 23 July 2016


Things have been quiet here on the blog of late,frankly my heart has not been in it. However a wee update on hobby matters etc.
The girls and I have tried to get out and about- here we are at St Andrews.
I  have rebased my 40mm figures for Lion/Dragon Rampant and purchased some knights for some 11th/12th century battles set in Norway.
My Mythical Earth collection has grown by around 200 figures and I am rebasing them as elements (60mm square or 60 by 40mm) for use in larger battles.
The syw figures have been rebased for the umpteenth time and are now configured on 40mm square bases. I have been listening to the cricket whilst basing/painting as well as dropping in on the colourful and exciting world of the Caribbean League limited over games on tv. Finally can I recommend this book -
and the one on Cape Battles- splendid reads indeed.
Have a good Saturday one and all.


  1. Tradgardmastare,

    It is good to read that you have been out and about as well as making progress with some of your projects.

    Sue and I 'discovered' CPLT20 last week, and it is an interesting alternative to the IPL, which we can no longer watch now that it has moved to Sky Sport.

    All the best,


  2. Yes, I can no longer watch the IPL too and for the same reason.

  3. Tempted by that book , but frightened it may involve buying figures ! , Tony

  4. Time you trimmed that beard young man or it will look as if your head is upside down.

    See you at Claymore?

  5. Good to hear than you and girls are going well - pleased also that you have been dappling with your various Collections...all the Best Alan. Regards. KEV.

  6. Fine whiskers there Alan.... good progress with various projects.