Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Card , P.V.A and paper...

I have put pen to paper and have begun to map the major lake in the border area - it contains a number of island whose ownership is hotly contested by Skogsmork and Tradgardland. Today whilst taking my daughters to the orthodontist's I will photocopy the original and enlarge to A3 - I will work at this size then reduce down to A4 once more. I am tentatively pleased so far...
Last night I got out some card , paper and glue and started to build a boat! it was very absorbing and has started well. The waterline model is surprisingly robust, 8 inches long and has the looks of a fine lake going vessel. I will draw planking onto paper and clad her in that rather than painting. i got up 6.00a.m and got the decks added and some more work done - a satisfying morning's work so far...

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  1. Just in case you were unaware of it, here is a link to building ships:


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    -- Jeff