Saturday, 16 May 2009

Carronade etc

Seven days ago I went with a friend to the wargames show at Falkirk called "Carronade" name after the famous guns made locally and pictured here.

The venue was a modern High School which met the needs of all admirably. The highlight of the show was Phil Olley's ( who we have known on and off for years)display game- a wonder to behold. Complete with moving windmill blades and resplendent scenery, it is impossible to do it justice here. You are urged to see Mr Olley's work on his website- with a bit about the show and some mouth watering piccies...

Through Phil we were introduced to Charles S Grant ( and chatted with him briefly) which was another highlight of the day .All in all much to See and my wargames energy levels were given a real boost!!


  1. You are very lucky. Most of us are thousands of miles away . . . and will never get a chance to meet such luminaries.

    Earlier tonight I was re-reading their "Raid on St. Michel" and planning on how I could do that here off the west coast of Canada . . . meanwhile you were talking to them and getting to see Phil's game in the flesh.

    I repeat, you are lucky, sir.

    -- Jeff

  2. Name-dropper! lol
    Actually, being on the west coast of North America, too (California in my case) I share Jeff's sentiments!

  3. If I lived that close to Phil's house, I think that I would be visiting every weekend to look at his wargame collection. He is a fine fellow.