Sunday, 31 May 2009

The Duchy of Tradgardland 1807

The local battalion of the Tradgardland militia ( Landvaren) has been mobilised after rumours of a British fleet ,en route for Copenhagen, was sighted off the shores of the Duchy. Some say the British have already landed,others say the fleet has sailed onwards already. The Duchy is in a state of utter confusion- rumour and counter rumour sweep the land. And so the Landvaren patrol makes its way cautiously towards the coast...


  1. Ah, it is good to have you back, Alan . . . even if you have not yet made it back to the Eighteenth century.

    -- Jeff

  2. With the British Fleet skulking about, would it be save for Reich Duke Wilhelm's Grand tour to schedule a visit?

  3. Always enjoying the sight of 54mm (I think) soldiers in a natural environment: removes the weight of some 55 years from my shoulders!
    Now, the previous post was dealing with the Duchy of Tradgardland in 1912, this one in 1807: seemingly we have moving back to the Lace Wars.

  4. Actually they are 25mm figs! I thought I would try them outside as an experiment. I hope to move across time ( if not space) as the whim/storyline dictates...

  5. I like the free-flowing shifts through time - makes the country seem a bit more full-formed when it's got it's own history.