Monday, 26 July 2010


As we have not been able to get away on holiday this summer we thought we would have some fun locally.
We had our very first garden bbq ever - it was prepared excellently by my daughters and cooked by them too.
We went also into to Edinburgh to visit the Gallery of Modern Art and were able to walk upon the amazing Land form for the very first time. This gave us a whole new perspective on it too. Afterwards we went along the Water of Leith walkway through the heart of Edinburgh and enjoyed the fascinating buildings as well as getting our first glimpse of the statues installed in the river of late.
With regard to 18th century Tradgardland I have been focusing in upon one province in the Duchy and looking at it in greater depth. I hope to post some results from this very soon- Smaaland has much to interest the 18th century tourist as part of his or her Grand Tour...

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