Friday, 2 July 2010

Some mid 19th century background thoughts..

I fear it is time,having looked at rules and purchased some figures,
to look at some background . I have posted a map of
Europe in 1866- a year of great turmoil.
Only back in 1848 the Duchy of Tradgardland had it's ducal Palace burned as part of the "year of revolutions...
Now, in 1866, the Duchy and it's near neighbour ( yet to be given a name) have to decide which side to support . Will they opt for the mighty Prussia or side with the German Confederation- perhaps neutrality beckons as another option. It is with such a situation my 19th century gaming will commence.
Many thanks to all of you for your interest and helpful comments. Once more your views upon the background I propose would be appreciated. Even suggestions for the yet unamed imagination would be great!

Stop Press: I have just bought some Eureka Tyrolean inf as Tradgardland militia... I could not resist their charm and beautiful sculpting- they will indeed be a unit to be reckoned with I feel


  1. With the new Crimean range from GWM they could follow the Russian pattern of uniforms,much easier to paint.