Thursday, 13 January 2011

Another Old School...

Last night I picked this off the shelves and took it to bed for a read. I have to say it lived up to it's promise and was a most engaging read indeed. It brought back memories of circa 1974 and games with Airfix figures and tanks,Roco and Bellona too. They were excellent games with the super rules contained in the book- not to mention the homemade protractor device too!

I am sorely tempted to get the few figures etc for "Action at Twin Farms" mentioned and played out in the book. Any suggestions for figures etc most welcome. Finally did any of you use the rules too - do let us know here at the Duchy...


  1. Yes I remember those rules so well and yes I still have the book, even after all these years. My advice, have a go with them once more.
    Recently I played the "Charge" rules once again, I had a ball and revelled in the same simplicity and enjoyment I found in them so many years ago.

  2. Oh yes, I remember using them nearly every day during one glorious summer holiday c.1979. Russians vs Germans, Airfix & ESCI figures and tanks. Great fun!

  3. I've never played the rule set, but I have had a copy of the book (that I bought second hand in October 1982). But I do like the pics, and there's something about the old make-do and scratchbuild days that brings a sense of wistful nostalgia.

    Mind you, I still have my cardboard Russian 3" (76.2mm) field guns and the BA10. One of these days I'll post those on my Blogspot.

    Most, though not all, of my figures are plastics: Airfix, ESCI, Revell, and some I can't identify, being picked up dirt cheap somewhere. There are some Hong Kong knockoffs of Airfix originals, too.

    Somewhere I got hold of a bunch of the first generation Airfix desert war stuff. Many of these figures are pretty horrible by today's standards, but they are great for adaptation. You'd never use the bren gunner qua bren gunner. But he makes an excellent Boys anti-tank rifleman.

    Maybe that will be a topic for a blogspot posting shortly...