Thursday, 20 January 2011

Moving forward

Friday morning has arrived and it is around six am and I am up drinking coffee and preparing for the day...
I hope to pop in to see my mother after work as she has just come home after just under a week in hospital ( having fallen in her flat last week) and will enjoy the brief return to the part of Edinburgh I grew up in.

The OSW project moves forward . Those clever chaps at the yahoo group pointed me in the direction of Meccano magazine for the original articles entitled "Battle" which went to form the book. This was very useful as there was more material and photos there than what eventually became the book. One super chap has even extracted the relevant articles and placed them together in one pdf- a loud huzzah for Mel! Inspirational reading ahead this weekend!

I was playing around with ideas yesterday and I was wondering about representing army "Black" and "Red" in diverse ways. One idea(depending on how many early German figures I can get hold of) is to do a Bordurian civil war with elements of the Bordurian Army on opposing sides. Over the weekend I hope to track down some minitanks and trees on the web so we shall see...
On other fronts the disrupted postal service continues with no Ottomans as yet however "Babylon 5 Crusade" did come and the first episode last night lived up to my expectation. I have read the fubar rules on the train and am working towards Welsh Nationalists v Mistery/Estate LDV skirmish very soon. Have a good day at work and a great weekend when it comes!


  1. Alternative to Merit fir trees is Zvezda Z8222 Tree Set - 12 trees in a box.

    Babylon 5 Crusade - well worth the watch, nearly finished the box set.

    -- Allan

  2. I notice that the meccano article come with more pictures than did the book...