Monday, 16 May 2011

The Militia of Uhwerkhausen- a disputed valley unit...

The Milita of Uhwerkhausen on parade. They are accompanied by the Town banners depicting the fabled unicorn seen by S. Ulrich in the 14th century. They have the privilege of marching through the town on the Saint's feast day and end their march at the "Unicorn at bay" inn where they are provided with complimentary ale and local cheese.

Along with the musket armed members of the militia you can see the unit's cannon served by the local brewer and his sons. The powder comes from the powder mill at Wargstadt and is exchanged in kind for diverse clockwork automata .Regular gun drill takes place outside the brewery where passers by offer encouragement verbal and otherwise.

On the right flank can be seen the elite of the militia namely the Grenadiers.The role of Grenadier is hereditary and has been in the town bell ringer's family for generations. It is said their deafness caused by the Cathedral bells is an advantage when dealing with the noise emanating from the grenades as they explode They still drill with the grenades which have gone out of service in most of the rest of the Valley. With a slow match wrapped around their hands and a satchel filled with grenades they are formidable especially in the storming of buildings and fortifications ...


  1. A fine unit, Alan, and I like seeing the attached gun. Here is the inevitable question - what figures are those? :-) I'm serious, actually. I can't identify them.

    I left a description of your ambassador as a comment on one of your recent messages, btw.


  2. Capital fellows. They look fine.

  3. Very nicely done indeed. Spiffing uniform colours, and lovely period feel standards. Excellent! I'm a great fan of militias, depot troops, veterans etc - it's about all I could imagine myself being!

  4. Very nice little unit and flags! The unit story is very good, too.

  5. Always glad to discover new 'Imagi-Native' units, but this and the next ones are specially 'well done' on all accounts.