Friday, 20 May 2011

Weekend solo gaming plans...

Weekend at last! Off for three days- Monday is Victoria Day (a public holiday in Edinburgh to celebrate her visit to the City many moons ago) and the schools are therefore closed!
I found this drawing in my Dodopad this week which I had forgotten about since I did in in Jan/Feb of this year. It depicts my plan for a small battlefield based upon floor tiles left over from the kitchen renovation. I hope to set it up this weekend and have a couple of solo games- one at least set in the disputed valley. I hope you have a great weekend whatever you are doing. Special best wishes to Paul of FLW fame who has a spiffing outdoor game/playtest this weekend- may the sun shine on your efforts sir!


  1. I love finding old ideas. They're a treat and you get to take all the credit!

  2. Yup, old ideas are like finding a Twenty in the pocket of last winter's coat. The map hints at a fun game (more Mondrian than Klee with those tiles perhaps!).

    Have fun in the disputed valley, I look forwar dto hearing about it.