Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Midsummer Manoeuvres...

It is now a month since the Electors of the Disputed Valley met in Wargstadt. No decisions have been reached and all have dispersed back home with a desire to meet together again within one lunar month . The killers of Ulric von Wargstadt remain at large and nothing is known of their identity or whereabouts. Rumours abound of plots and counter plots.

Being Midsummer it is time for the regiments of the Disputed Valley to gather together under canvas for their annual shooting match and manoeuvres. Here we see the Town Regiment of Adlerfort making it's way into camp. The men are recruited mainly from the Falconers and Falconry Craftsmen's Guild based in the town. They are reputed to be amongst some of the best shots in the valley. Over the next few days we shall see if that is true...


  1. Morning Chaps!
    Photocopied paper template stuck onto card and cut out...

  2. Where did you find the template?