Monday, 2 January 2012

The Carpenter's Guild of the town of Sumpf in Umstirittental

The countryside surrounding the town of Sumpf is famous(or should that be notorious) for the foul smelling swamps which are the bane of traveller and local alike. The local people use long poles to aid their travelling by vaulting over drainage ditches and stagnant pools. This is a custom similar to the inhabitants of Ditchmarschen.
The local carpenter's Guild provide the town with a company of jaeger. Here you can see them with Guild banner,equipped with the aforementioned long poles and rifled muskets. In difficult terrain the company is formidable in spite of their reluctance to attend shooting practise on Sundays after church...


  1. Ditch jumping in Sunday best is a dicey proposition.

  2. They used to do something similar in the Fen Country here, to the Normans anoyance. I believe (could be wrong) they were called 'Fen Slodgers'. ?what are the rules for pole jumpers?