Friday, 27 January 2012

Friday night game...

My regular opponent and I have a New Year Resolution which is to game once a month.This would be far more often than we managed last year or for some time before. The period of choice is the ACW at present and we are still learning the rules.Artillery was factored in for the first time last night and we aim to use cavalry as part of things properly next time.
Last night's game saw my Union fellows streaming off the table having been routed by a combination of bullet and bayonet. My Union guns were charged and their crews put to flight too. Not a good night for the North but a great game anyway- our second within  a month...
Finally I have been gathering ACW movies of late- Gettysburg,Gods and Generals,Ride with the devil and most recently Glory. What should I buy next -recommendations please gentlemen


  1. God Morning Alan

    Good looking game !

    God to hear that you managed to game two times only in January, keep it up:)

    Best regards dalauppror

  2. Next film has to be "Horse Soldiers" with John Wayne & William Holden. Historical accuracy? Pah! But a ripping yarn and one of JW's best.

  3. How about Buster Keaton's The General?

    Looks like a good game and a good new years resolution.

  4. Although quite pricey, the Ken Burns' "The Civil War" (5 or 6 DVDs depending upon set) provides about 11 hours of a really good history of the ACW.

    It is mainly taken from documents and photos of the period. It isn't a "movie" per se, but does provide a great historical framework for the period.

    By the way, what rules are you using?

    -- Jeff

  5. The "Horse Soldiers" uses Grierson's raid through Mississippi in spring 1863 as its premise although as Matt said, it butcher's the actual history. But a good movie none the less.


  6. Glad to see you're gaming more frequently, Alan.

    The other chaps have named all the movies I would have suggested, so I'll recommended a book:-

    "Mr. Lincoln's Brown Water Navy - The Mississippi Squadron" by Gary D. Joiner (Rowman & Littlefield Publishers: ISBN-10: 0-7425-5098-2 Paperback).

    It's chock-full of information on the gunboats used by both sides, the battles and skirmishes, units involved, and offers plenty of scope for combined op's with the army.

  7. Hi Alan,

    Along with all those other great suggestions, I would recommend "Shenandoah" with Jimmy Stewart. It tells a great story and has some great action scenes.

  8. I second the Ken Burns "Civil War" series!

    Absolutely the best ever and would provide endless background during your games. I think that there was a musical disk that was produced by the musicians that did the background music for the show. Certainly they did a 40 minute vid for PBS, that alone would be a great backdrop for use during games.

  9. Hi Alan,

    Great news that you got in a game, it looks like a fun evening. I avoid New Year's Resolutions but yours seems like a really good idea. Something in the lines of "an apple a day..." and all of that!



  10. Lovely looking game.

    If you have The Works local to you you will find the box set of the civil war for £4.99. Way worth the paint. A good film with the civil war going on is Gone With the Wind.