Saturday, 4 February 2012

On the Bordurian/Syldavian border...

Somewhere in the border  country that lies betwixt Syldavia and Borduria men are moving stealthily... it is not only the wolves on the move this season.
A local peasant has brought information that Syldavian troops are marching through the vicinity. The Bordurian local commander rewards him well for the information- no money sadly handed over but the peasant's  hovel will not be torched.
Soon the Bordurian commander is gathering his forces and an ambush prepared.All that is needed now is patience!
I hope to finish the tabletop encounter tomorrow...


  1. Trouble on the border, cant wait to see the development

  2. Typical Bordurian intelligence gathering techniques,,,

    I'm looking forward to reading about the game. Hope it is fun!


  3. That's better - a comment from the Bordurian Ministry of Information:

    Syldavians. Dirty people!

    Message ends.