Wednesday 24 April 2013

In the Guild-master's Study or matters artistic and arcane...

The two gentlemen cross the threshold and are met with a painting of great size and strange details-
They are informed that it portrays a former Guild -master  ( the one responsible for the ill fated introduction of carrier hares) painted as a hare.They are also asked ,as they wait upon the current Guild-master , to study the painting closely as it contains secrets and enlightenment.


  1. A lagomorphic mystery. I like the turquerie pavilion in the background, reminds me of the one at Painshill Park.

  2. And,if my memory serves me well,one used by the Swedish or was it Danish Monarchy as a stable?

  3. shades of Alice here! Intriguing developments.

  4. Bizarre! Was this perhaps the inspiration for D.M. Cornish's Lord of Hares in his Monster Blood Tattoo trilogy?

    Kind regards, Chris.