Sunday, 7 April 2013

Morat 1476/2013

This morning I return to work after the Easter hols.A busy but enjoyable time was had only diminished by the cold weather.Yesterday (Sunday) saw me working to prepare the shed/garden room/whatever  doors for painting and doing tasks in the freezing garden...
On Saturday at was over at my longtime wargames opponent's to try out his new wargames room for the first time.We used his two 15th century armies to refight the battle of Morat-

I commanded the Burgundians and here is a picture of my artillery in Morat.
Here are Phil's Swiss in action and their allies. It was a great game eventually ending in a Swiss victory after much ebbing and flowing. We used DBM ( better than I had remembered them to be - we haven't played ancients for ages...) which gave a fast paced and exciting game.
I will close now as I have a train to catch to work .Have a good Monday one and all!


  1. Great stuff, I do like Burgundians, still got a great box of unpainted Foundry/Citadel Wars of Roses figures to do one day. Have a good day, sunny here yesterday, but a bit cloudier today. It has warmed up though.

  2. Great looking pictures, Burgundians are really impressive...

  3. That is a great looking game there and looks like a lot of fun too