Saturday, 14 March 2015

Master Anthony Bath's Rules of Warre 1750- part the second,the game...

The village of Bratwurst has been lightly fortified by the Tradgardland army who have chosen to make a stand there in the face of an invading army.
Above is  better etching of their postions...

Now to the invading army-

 Damien O'Trench ,commanding the Army of Umstittental has grenadiers,artillery and sappers on hand.Here is his army's dispostions-
O'Trench has given orders for his army to take Bratwurst...
More later.


  1. Like the atmospheric black and white photos and will be interested to see how the rules work out , Tony

  2. Indeed, the black and white pictures really look the part. Sappers are nice too.

  3. Agreed, the B&W helps give that 60's feel. Having just read through said rules, I'm also looking forward to seeing how this goes.