Sunday, 17 May 2015


I decided to use my new dragon (thanks Jim Duncan for your kind gift) to test out some gaming ideas I had been mulling over for some fantasy games to fight the world of Faerie impacting on a medieval kingdom. I used the following ancient rules on a gridded cloth-
with amendments as follows -
The Dragon had  12 (!) strength points,fire breathing- shooting with 12 dice (one less per casualty) and fought with 12 dice too (distributed amongst all units fighting it equally).The dragon could only be hit on a six.
Here he is-
He was opposed by these stout fellows-
In both games the Dragon's breath did nothing hardly- very low dice throws,he failed to get to melee and was shot to bits before he could get stuck in.Perhaps he needs to have a flying move too and be more invulnerable to arrows? I wonder what to tweak next...


  1. Good to see the Dragon getting some gametime.

    I have some more in a box somewhere.

  2. You could pick up some ideas from Terry Pratchett. 'Lords and Ladies' has a plotline that is basically elves trying to take a human medieval(ish) kingdom. Note, they can't stand iron.

  3. Excellent idea..... suggest the Broken Sword by Poul Anderson as a good read along similar lines. Your game write up reminds me of those old Listerine mouthwash advert with Clifford the Dragon...clearly your scaly worm has been using said product.

  4. I had the book you mention years ago,I recall it as a good read. I still have "Three Hearts and Three LIons" which I first read at school. It is a super read and inspired a young lad towards his love of the fantasy genre...