Tuesday 2 June 2015

1864 Airfix

In the following article by Paddy Griffith
reference is made to converting WW1 French to Danes. Has anyone seen photos of the converted figures or knows how it was done? Plasticine and banana oil perchance?


  1. I would use ACW figures. So long as they have sack coats you can add an extra row of buttons to make them look double breasted and then trim the kepi down to form the flatter style cap.

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  3. Therein lies the road to madness!

    Listen to Sir Springinsfeld.

    There are other suitable plastics out there too. Hat WW1 Russian look like a suitable start point.

  4. The WWI Germans in spiked helmets would be serviceable but of course FPW ones are now available and even closer.

    I am guessing that he did the Danes in great coats as it was winter which would just mean carving every helmet into a kepi. I'd go with ACW or if you want greatcoats, FPW or early WW1 French in kepi.

  5. I'm guessing but there were some pictures of Airfix conversions in How to go Plastic Modelling and How to go Advanced Plastic Modelling by Chris Ellis. Unfortunately, I don't have any copies- just a faint memory.