Friday 24 May 2024


 Just back tonight from a few days in London.

Having got soaked to the skin ( rain was torrential) we went in here-

Lovely food!
Not expecting rain we were both ill equipped. Sensibly my daughter bought a £3 emergency poncho! I decided not to bother and got soaked as we walked from kings cross via Farringdon to Liberty’s.
Interesting mural very near Liberty London.
War memorial in Liberty London. I was interested how some folk get Mr, Miss or Mrs by their name others did not. I can only summarise that it was management and workers?
Returning to Kings Cross we enjoyed the meal shown above. This was Tuesday, Wednesday would bring my visit to the British Museum and the current Roman exhibition.. 

Tuesday 21 May 2024



The greened up cycle path ( former railway line) makes a pleasant walk into town.
Awful photo I know but great to see a hedgehog in the garden again.
Looked out this book I got , with 50 th birthday monies, fourteen years ago. A little light background reading…

P.s pop by here to read of my Zoom game last week-

Sunday 19 May 2024

What are these 2

 Another deep dive into the shed produced these-

Can you identify them please? Thanks again.

Saturday 18 May 2024


 Thinking ( some might say overthinking) about basing. I am considering going for big bases, at least for this collection-

A few attempts at trying out the bigger bases… 


 Friday saw me getting the train to today’s game. I bought WD 500 en route for nostalgic reasons and took the other reading material for the journey. Having played RFR yesterday I thought l would re read the rules and check what we did right and wrong.

Today’s game was a dark age skirmish using dbv. 

I played the Normans and got a draw.

Friday 17 May 2024


 Yesterday Ronnie and I played our first game of Rapid Fire Reloaded. We had both independently played Rapid Fire back in the day. However I had forgotten the system but RFR is very newbie friendly.

My Brumbar smokes after being destroyed.
The enemy Sherman shares a similar fate after being hit by a panzerscherck.
My troops lose a melee in the woods , take casualties and have run off.
The table quietly waiting at the beginning for troops to arrive.
Paratroopers advance towards a field 

The advance along the line.
My starting position. The photo order has gone haywire!
General German advance and below the paratroopers occupying a field after crossing the wall.
It was an enjoyable introduction to the rules and great fun . We have decided to have another game very soon.
Later on I really enjoyed a game put on by Jon from the War of the Austrian Succession .
Terrible dice throwing by me as the Spanish commander helped the French/Spanish  armies towards defeat. Excellent company and a meticulously managed gaming experience by Jon led to a most enjoyable evening.
A photo of the dice or a bad workman blames his tools!

Thursday 16 May 2024

Game on!

 Trying these rules for the first time today…

Old school terrain and the obligatory Airfix cottage!