Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Busy and two films..

I got home last night around eight fifteen after a long day which culminated in a Parent's Evening. I was rather fagged out after the experience. My spirits were lifted by the arrival of two dvds from the day's post which I had put money from my birthday towards. The first is "1612" which was recommended to me here sometime ago. I look forward to those winged hussars and sundry indulgences this weekend- by the way are 54mm Polish hussars available in 54mm  in plastic?A  obscure question but one somebody may be able to help me with...
The second dvd I picture below-
It has (in case the piccie is too small) Passport to Pimlico,Kind hearts and Coronets, Nicholas Nickerby and Went the day well. I am very much looking forward to seeing these old favourites. I have a long term interest in 15th Century Burgundy and those splendid chaps of Charles the Bold and wondered if Pasport to Pimplico might provide some gaming ideas for aVBCW ? 1930s chaps in some form of Livery, longbowmen- steady ,I'm getting carried away...
We have been busy here in the Duchy of late with a manic weekend which included my mother not too well (betterish now) the computer dying ( resurrection did come thankfully for it)and my eldest's Advanced Higher  English dissertation on Gothic novels needing to be completed -handed in thankfully now after the computer worked.
This was followed by moving furniture, bookcases and books in order that a plasterer could start work today Thursday. Little hobby stuff has been done but hopefully soething come the weekend!


  1. You had a busy time of it, Alan. It's a shame when real life gets in the way of our hobby, but I guess it makes our time spent on it all the more precious.

    I love those old Ealing films, old favourites of mine. I can see an independent 'French' enclave of Pimlico declaring itself a faction in the VBCW. Who can resist the idea of a Stanley Holloway figure in a pith helmet? =)

  2. Some great films Alan, and it sounds like you're due some well earned viewing time this weekend!

    Re the 54mm Polish winged hussars, a number of sets were made in Poland, they are hard to find but there are pictures of them here: 1.htm

    Otherwise it's back to converting, which is a big job but there are some nice ones on the Helmet blog here:

    Best wishes, Brian

  3. I don't know about Passport to Pimlico, but Went The Day Well is definitely great 1938 VBCW fodder. From the home guard on bikes to Thora Hird's bloodthirsty land girl (yes *that* Thora Hird!)