Monday, 19 March 2012

A new arrival...

A crumbling Country Pile,Deepest Merrie England, 1938...

Reggie Laudian-Falls is delighted with his new purchase.The chaps at the village blacksmiths have worked day and night to produce this spiffing  armoured car. Reggie and his driver take the new girl for a spin and make a note to take someone to man the gun next time.

Dear reader,
a recent 28mm  ebay purchase from Solway for me by my regular opponent. He brought it over on Friday when we had our monthly acw game. Come April we  will branch out into a vbcw. I intend to field a motley collection of local volunteers and assorted Royalists of various shades of enthusiasm. They will be opposed by members of  the Liverpool Free State.


  1. I await with interest - been tempted by this period for some time.

  2. It is very addictive .Have you looked at the pages devoted to it on GWP3- well worth a look for inspiation and enthusiasm in myriad forms...

  3. A sharp looking machine. I've been tempted, but I've resisted so far.

  4. That is a spiffy-looking little vehicle. I'm another gamer tempted by AVBCW. A recent commission to make two VBCW blockhouses for a gamer here in the US only added to the temptation!

    You might find this site useful...

    They have an excellent list of figure manufacturers who have ranges to suit.

  5. I love those vehicles from Si at Solway there are just what VBCW is all about. Very nice and happy campaigning with her.