Thursday, 8 March 2012

A great read

Spent much of the day at my Urology follow up appointment. All went well and the day was passed very happily reading Stephen Cullen's excellent newish book on the Home Guard .I thoroughly recommend it to all of you. Interesting ,well written and full of  great insights. Anyone for some Home Guard wargaming?


  1. There looks like a good book there and I love the idea of Home Guard wargaming, guess thats why I love VBCW.

    Isnt Steven Cullen Alfront from the forum?

  2. Indeed, PanzerKaput, it is I, Al Front. And, should you part with your hard-earned for a copy of my work, you will find within much to inspire the wargamer of part-time chaps (and chapettes).

  3. Al Front I believe you are correct and I shall buy a copy as I love the Home Guard since I was a child.