Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Hard times of old Tradgardland...

There are lean times in the Duchy of Tradgardland these days. The Duke's coffers are nearly empty and he has wracked his brains with regard to how to get his hands upon some coin. After many late nights in the taverns of  Tradgardstadt,talking with characters of ill repute, a deal has been struck.News soon leaked out to the people who were shocked by that which he heard. Two regiments of Tradgardland  Miltia have been "loaned" for an indefinite time to another country far ,far away! The troops marched down to the waiting galley fleet through the sobbing crowds.Old men spat at the mere mention of the Duke's name.Wives wondered if they would ever see their loved ones again.For one and all knew that the men were destined for a country of ill repute-Borduria.
Tradgardlanders as mercenaries,whatever next.
The troops sail with the tide.
to be continued


  1. Dear oh dear - these are dark days indeed for Syldavia, to see the the descendants of long-lost sons of the motherland marching in the pay of the reviled enemy! There is the odour of some shadowy intrigue behind all of this... Could they really level bayonets against their cousins? Or does Borduria in fact look to threaten yet other neighbours as well...?

  2. Dark days indeed for the land Traglgardland but from the fire and all that

  3. It all sounds a bit underhand to me, and not in keeping with the high moral standards we expect from Tradgardland ... or is it some sinister ploy?

    Only time will tell ... and the sooner we hear the true story, the better!

    (Sounds of gold Florins being handed over to a well-placed civil servant by a journal writer can be heard in a local tavern.)

    All the best,


  4. Well, a better option than putting himself and the Duchy in the hands of the usurers.