Sunday, 4 November 2012

Portable wargaming advances...some ideas and pictures

Just a brief update on my activities today. Firstly I found the hobbits hidden away in the garden shed/room.They are now primed and ready for painting.Secondly a photo of their potential portable wargaming opponents-
They are 10mm Pendraken wargs and goblin riders mounted on pennies.I intend to use 2 figures per unit/square to assist with casualty removal  as well as the fact it looks better. I have started to adapt/butcher the portable wargame rules for fantasy use.I have scribbled ideas in my moleskine book today.A work in progress this week during train journeys and walks to and from the station.
Finally I have resolved my dilemma of 3D hills in a gridded game-
I did not want to draw a grid on the hills as I wished to use them in non -gridded games so I achieved what I wanted with thread secured below the hill with masking tape.The two lines allow me to place/move the figures on a 3d hill without the need to add the threads at ninety degrees to the ones depicted. All in all I am pleased with what I achieved.As for blastof bridge ,it will have to wait until next weekend once I have figured the best way to set the river up on a 8x8 board.


  1. Looks good, both the goblins/wargs and the hill. I'll be following this. Looking forward to seeing how it plays out. :)

  2. Your thread is a clever solution, sir.

    -- Jeff

  3. I wonder how much other wargaming planning goes on to and from the place of toil?

  4. Thats a simple but very clever idea and solution there my friend. I guess you could extend this to include things like field rivers and all kind of things.