Sunday, 4 November 2012

North by North East...

Yesterday we took the car Northwards from the Duchy (over this splendid bridge which was the scene of fighting in 1639 at the start of the ecw) to Gray's School of Art in Aberdeen to allow Anna to attend their Open Day. I had come along for the ride and thought I would wander about whilst Anna and my wife had the tour.However I was most fortunate and was able to tag along with them.What followed was a very stimulating tour,chance to see student's work and chat with staff.It was fascinating even for one like me with zero artistic talent.Anna now has to weigh up the pros and cons   of which University to apply to...
Too tired at night to paint,so after downloading an ap,I was able to watch "Tis pity she's a whore" a  drama about the English civil War.It was one of the few times where I enjoyed everything but the battle scenes! Peter Capaldi was Charles I and it worked ,much to my initial surprise. I think I will stick with it and try episode 2 soon.
I have been searching for some 10mm hobbits (excitement regarding the forthcoming film is rising...) lost somewhere in my Lead Mountain but to no avail.I have been in the shed and everywhere else too.I have located their opponents in the shape of  wargs and goblin warg riders.It is my hope to try and get them up and running as a portable wargame adaption. Otherwise litttle actual gaming/painting this week but loads of thoughts and ideas.Scribbled notes lest I forget them adorn (deface?) my Dodo Pad...
I remain currently very taken by the idea of gridded wargaming and hope in around 9 days to get my wife to pick up felt for me and then help me grid it(bad English) as her "eye" transcends mine .I am thinking of 3 inch squares for my tabletop which can be used for many different periods including 18th century imagination games.
It is morning here with frost on the lawn and the sunne shining.I'm off for another coffee before the family rises .Have a good day one and all...


  1. It is a beautiful morning here in the N.W. as well with snow on the fell tops , going to undercoat some figures with spray can before neccessary house work

  2. However is the wilds of Leicester it is a grey, miserable morning but actually painting to paint, more Scots. I hope your daughter finds a good art school

  3. Prince Lupus
    The hobbits are from Pendraken and are 10mm scale ie (I guess)10mm equals 6ft?

  4. that makes them 5mm hobbits. Sorry - being facetious