Thursday, 3 October 2013

Opponents for the Duchy of Volare-Cantare

I've been to the doctor again today and am signed off for another three weeks.
Trying to rest,support Jan and the family whilst moving a few light hobby projects forward.
The army of Volare-Cantare is mustering but I need to wait for their arrival.In the meantime I am mustering the opposition. I am still swithering about them.I am not so sure now about the Grantian regiments,feeling I am intruding a little upon another's creation.I am now moving towards some Reichsarmee(based upon that of the mid 18th Century)set up with different contingents for my units.Regimental flags will be used laid upon the vehicles for air recognition. I will use the Swabian Circle as I think as it represents best where my ancestors came from supplemented as and when needed.
I have painted some troops as below-
Organised as in "Battle! Practical Wargaming"they come with their transport.
I have also looked out the minitanks.Heavy tanks will be from curaisser regts,medium tanks from dragoon regts and light cavalry will beome armoured cars and/or recon they are-
4 Konigtigers,3 panthers,6 panzer  ivs,3 panzerspahwagens and 2 half tracks.
Not fogetting some armoured cars too!
All in all the basis of an interesting tactical force.I have started on some infantry too which will be on foot as opposed to mechanised. I am tempted to get some bicycle/m/c combos too but need to explore the possibilities model wise.


  1. Tradgardmastare,

    I hope that your recovery will be swift, and that you get back to feeling normal within as short a time as possible.

    I like the look of your growing army ... especially as you are using my favourite ROCO Minitanks (very retro and very reminiscent of Charles Grant's BATTLE). The sWS half-track was one of my favourite ROCO vehicles, along with their Pzkpfw III, Stug III, and US 2.5-ton truck.

    All the best,


  2. Alan

    Keep on plugging away, I did when I had too, it is the only realistic option. Hope you and Jan get through this together.


  3. Love the type 1 Airfixers, add a certain class!

  4. Progressing promisingly. The fixer-uppers will give you some licence on the repairs, creating vehicles not necessarily identical to their originals...

  5. Interesting force there Alan and it is looking good