Wednesday, 30 October 2013

England 1940, somewhere near Twin Farms... Part 1

Mr Yeatman has rushed from his look out point on the tower of St Adhlhem's church. Breathless ,with cassock slightly raised to aid running, he arrives at the thatched  vicarage. He knocks on the door and Fr Timothy (Farthing) answers.  A short conversation ensues on the telephone  and some minutes later the police arrive...
Mr Yeatman tells that he has seen an armoured column with "hundreds" of Germans approaching.
The police agree to ride over by bicycle to Twin Farms where Captain Mainwaring is stationed with his platoon. "I fear there will be a battle today Mr Yeatman" comments Fr Timothy.

Battle report soon dear reader, will the day go well for the gallant Captain and his men?


  1. A Fiddlers Green building there - I believe. I look forward to the ensuing combat. Don't forget to drop me a line regarding those reinforcements.

  2. Fiddlers Green it is sir and 15mm figures using "Battle ! Practical Wargaming" rules.
    I will pop you a line asap...