Sunday, 6 October 2013

Volare-Cantare Bersaglieri

Finished off the recruits that Matt kindly sent for the Duchy of Volare-Cantare-
                                                                     The Bersaglieri 
They are running up the foothills of the Volare Alps in their role as light infantry. Being the elite unit of the Ducal forces they wear their traditional uniform and are unwilling to wear more fitting camouflaged kit for the 1930s.
I really enjoyed painting them and adding the plume in tissue paper and glue.


  1. They look great Alan but why are they running away?

  2. As Stevie Smith might have said they are not running away but waving (:

  3. Excellent - the tissue paper gives me an idea for the Garibaldi Guard for my Union army..

  4. Quite a neat conversion from Airfix ACW figures. Actually, that pose I tended to associate with some sort of officer or NCO in ACW terms (which explained the waving), though there were rather a lot of them in a box. But they converted very well into flag bearers.Were it not for the running pose, they would have made great horse-holders as well.

  5. What a cracking use of the (in)famous CSA running and waving pose! Top banana!