Thursday, 2 January 2014

18th Century Plans

The New Year has begun and I begin with some plans for 18th century gaming this year-

  1. I bought these rules in July 2012 and to my shame I have not used them yet.I have based figures and browsed through the rules but no more. I want to learn to play them and use them for solo( Ny Tradgardland based games) and two player games.My regular opponent and I have decided to make this our focus so we will see...
  2. Paint the Galloping Major rangers I have on order and finish any other F & I war figures lying about.
  3. Re base consistently my 18th century collection- Umstrittental,Tradgardland and the Imperium.Some are on penny sized bases,others on 20/25mm one.I want them all on the same size and possibly organised via movement trays.Once unified they will take the field together for bigger games and petite guerre ones also.
  4. Lastly to continue to paint my 18th century civilians and use them around games and vignettes set in the gardens,orangeries and estates of the Duchy of Tradgardland.
So I have thrown down the gauntlet to myself.All that remains is to go for it...


  1. Worthy goals. I have heard a lot of good things about Muskets and Tomahawks but feel that I have to draw the limit somewhere, as tempting as the F&I wars maybe. All the best on the Duchy's goals in 2014. I look forward to following your progress with great interest.

    1. Thanks for your comment.
      I agree about one needs to draw the line somewhere but the f&I war is playable with small numbers of figures and with a relatively small outlay of funds.Great gaming on the cheap not to mention a fascinating period...

  2. I look forward to many more posts, especially about those rules! I have wondered a bit about their suitability to Half Continent conflicts...

    1. Interesting re the Half Continent...
      I look forward to hearing more of this.