Thursday, 16 January 2014


Inspired by this image from the "Draughtsman's Contract"
(which still remains one of my favourite films) I have begun a model of Duke Aeneas of Tradgardland .
I started with this Front Rank fellow-
and set to work with Milliput upon his wig , resulting in the conversion below-
I intend to work on painting him come the weekend. Incidentally Duke Aeneas ruled 1684-1700.I hope to share more about his reign later. 


  1. Absolutely brilliant conversion. I trust he purchased the wig from Thaddeus Peruque

  2. I do hope you modelled the multitude of fleas for the wig...

  3. A most elegant peruke, sir.

    Yes, indeed. The "Draughtsman's Contract", one of the odder films I've seen. At least I thought so until I saw "Prospero's Books". ;-)

  4. I have vague recollections of having watched that film a few decades ago. Nice conversion!