Saturday, 28 June 2014

Beyond Midsummer

Sunday morning
Last weekend saw Midsummer and this weekend sees the start of my holidays.I am so glad to be off.My sleeping already is improved in terms of quality and quantity.
I have been really enjoying the BBC coverage of the Glastonbury Festival. Highlights for me have been Blondie on Friday and Robert Plant on Saturday. I watched Metallica last night and think they did a splendid set too.
It is good to begin to have time to read,think and just chill. Tomorrow sees my first game  for ages against my regular opponent ( albeit we seem to game less than we ever did due to work,time and energy etc) who will field his Saxons against my Picts/Scots in a  skirmish game using Valhalla.These are the  dark age  rules  we picked up at Falkirk wargames show and this will be our first game using them.I can't wait...


  1. We all will certainly expect a report on what Valhalla is like . . . double entendre intended.

    -- Jeff

  2. Enjoy your summer ! - be interested in the Valhalla game

  3. Nice long break ahead....

    listen to this before the game. It will put you in you mood ;-)

  4. Have a great holiday and a good rest! You deserve it!

    All the best,


  5. Good to see the garden all ship shape and Bristol fashion! Have a great hol!

  6. Have a nice relaxing holiday, you've earned it. I'd like an AAR of your game too.

  7. Yes, I will also be interested to see your report on Valhalla. Garden looks great, and the Glastonbury Festival shows sound like good listening/viewing. Have a good relaxing and fun holiday!