Thursday, 5 July 2018

Hollow men 2: the look of things 

I am going to use my 7.5 cm square cloth. I wanted to see how the Britains figures looked in that sized square-

Four figures looks a little crowded for my liking so l will probably settle for three. Assuming l can get one at a reasonable price l will use Dinky medium and light tanks. They are a different scale but I think they will give a pleasing effect with the figures. As l am meeting a friend for coffee this morning and the World Cup is on later l don’t think l will get much done today but that’s ok l think.


  1. Had they been more redily available in this country, I would have gone in for 1:87 ROCO Minitanks with my 1:76/72 plastic WW2 figures. I often think that artifacts (tanks, trucks and modern artillery, not to mention buildings, hills and trees) look better slightly underscale compared with the figures. I have gone down that route with my Army Men project, with the standard Army Men Patton(?) tank counting as a 'heavy' in my armies.

  2. Fine looking Britains figures, whatever the combination, four or three.

  3. Thank you, l am enjoying the repairs so far,it is quite satisfying to bring the broken back.