Wednesday, 4 June 2008

A letter from Duke Otto to Duke Karl Frederick

My Brother

I greet you in the name of the

Duchy of Skogsmork and as a member of those chosen by God to rule under Heaven.

It is too long since we met - many years since we met in my dear father's time. Our paths have gone in ways diverse- we both have ruled our Duchies- you for years me for so little time.

We share a passion for the Great and High art of the rapier and the dagger. And so I propose that you come to visit me here in the Duchy that we might take a measure at sword length. In doing so may we converse also upon the events closest to the hearts of our Duchies. I expect you upon the next Sunday - a welcome like no other awaits .

your servant and friend

Otto Duke of Skogsmork


  1. I hope Karl Frederick's expertise in the Talhofer School is much, much better than whatever school Otto practices.

    Good luck!


  2. A couple of concealed small pistols and a large, heavily armed escort might be in order, if the Duke decides to accept the offer!



  3. Methinks that something is rotten in Skogsmork. The audacity of Duke Otto to suggest "recreational fencing" during a state visit. No doubt his blade would somehow pierce Duke Karl's hide.

  4. Oh my, this has the smell of trouble about it.

    I wonder if Otto is related to Koenig Maurice the Vile?

    -- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein

  5. A Duel of Champions has some heroic / knightly flavour. But such a proposal, even disguised, is *so* archaic it raises suspicions. A blade may be poisoned...
    Hoping to learn more about the armed forces of Skogsmork - oddly me know better the army of an antipodial country than that of an European state.

  6. Frankszonia, of course, views this aroma of deceit and conspiracy with disdain. Perhaps, prior to a formal response, the Duke of Tragardland would like to borrow the services of some of our Frankszonian inspectors?

    ** Frankszonian agents:.
    *Johannes Baddmann: either a remittance man or architect, whichever suits his current situation.
    *Wilhelm v. Weiserwurst: supposedly an historian, traveling to research various lineages, etc.
    * Frau Hilda Wasserschloss: an artiste, known for her quick sketches, watercolors, and snow jobs.
    * Herr Eberhard Kunegunde: Master of the Secret Police.
    * Herr Schwartzmann (the Dark Man): is this a person or a special job rank? Has been reported as a waiter at a Beer garden, a minor nobleman at a ball, a Croatian cavalryman, and a fuller.
    * Lord Moose Hunter (an American Indian, the name is short for Chief Big Antlered Moose Caught in Ice): a superb scout, fluent in English, Spanish, and French ... and enough German to get by. Is used either to guide other agents on infiltration missions or to search a sector for
    infiltrators ... is carried on list as a Master Huntsman

    L'Comte de Beauphaup.