Saturday, 21 June 2008

Skogsmork meets Tony Bath...

Today was Midsommer- beautiful a.m and very rainy tonight. I decided , whilst cutting the grass , to work out the characters of Duke Otto's widow Ulrika and her son Wolfgang - as illustrated left ...

The wonderful campaign book by Tony Bath provided a superb methodology. Dice were thrown and the results came up as following:

Ulrika is,vicious,open handed,loyal, striking in looks, much loved by the people, of average intelligence and active with initiative!

Wolfgang is open and sunny,totally depraved,has a thrifty tendency, is bribable,striking of appearance, much liked by the people ,very intelligent and active!

Two interesting characters to portray upon the wargames table and to interact on the Blog here. I hope to post further details about the Duchy of Skogsmork soon and perhaps an entry will appear in Brother James' book in due course.

The Duchy of Skogsmork will raise some forces as time ,money and energy ( not necessarily in that order ) will allow. A good Midsommer to you one and all!