Sunday, 15 June 2008

Little Wars and smaller wars...

Been busy in the garden today planting , weeding and tidying up today after Church.Yesterday was a sucessful school Fayre which raised a lot of money. I enjoy the selling and banter of such events. We had some showers but it was quite hot at times.
The garage is being tidied up and I have found some figures to be recruited into the Skogsmork Ducal army. Little painting is being done but the sun shines and that is great - paint can wait!!
I don't know about you but certain ideas and interests keep coming back regardless of the current main projects ( syw and 15th century Germans ) resurfacing for a time and popping up every so often. Two examples for me are the Swiss and H G Well's Little Wars.
The Swiss stems from holidays there as a boy and toy soldiers bought, developing over time into deeper reading and research. Little Wars is just such an inspiration and the drawing continue to delight me. So at present I am looking into 1912 Swiss troops to be raised for Little Wars. I am part of a yahoo group looking at this and in touch with some interesting chaps.Figures will be 54mm and trad Toy Soldier style- we will see where this goes
The storyline regarding Duke Karl will continue very soon along with info on the army of the Duchy of Tradgardland. Watch this space .

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