Sunday, 8 June 2008


Whilst cleaning the garage out with the family today I came across a figure of an 18th Century cavalryman- it was a flat. I must of got him years ago. This was most fortuitous as I have become increasingly interested in the World of Flats or Zinnfiguren. I recently ordered a document about coats of arms from a manufacturer of Flats. They kindly sent a cd rom of their figures. I fear I could get hooked. Steady , I say to myself, try the figure you have first! Do any of you gentlemen know much about this exciting and arcane world opening before me?


  1. try for links and the British Flat Figure Society; also look for toy soldier shows in your area; Michigan Toy Soldier carries flats but eBay and German eBay are the best for more inexpensive flats

    good hunting,