Friday, 20 February 2009

Border crossing...

The Tradgardlanders marched through the long and dark night until they came to the old wooden bridge that marked the border. They found the frontier post deserted and an eerie stillness was evident all around...

The commander of the Brigade ( by force of his enthusiasm and Duke Karl Frederick's patience having been thereby tested ) was one of the first over the bridge into Saschen-Vindow. His more reserved second in command ( by virtue of him taking a less overt part in the meeting with the Duke) can be seen following closely.

In a few miles they will encounter a mix of forest and marsh and perhaps some opposition too...


  1. Cool wooden bridge! Scratchbuilt?

  2. Plastic I'm afraid - I can't remember where I got it,it emerged when I was cleaning out the garage his week.I think it is fun too...

  3. Oberst Ritter von Trimbach is not a man to nurse grievance over trivial questions of precedence, but he does find that his associate's intrepidity verges on rashness.

    Consoling himself with a prayer to St. Moritz, von Trimbach sends couriers to summon his company commanders to him, requesting them at the next rest halt to have their Corporals identify men in the ranks with any detailed knowledge of the local terrain of the sort perhaps not captured on the campaign maps.