Friday, 20 February 2009

Marching forth...

On the express orders of Duke Karl Frederick , 1st and 2nd Tradgarland Infantry Regiments left the Ducal Capital today. They were commanded by their new commanders and accompanied by elements of the Tradagrdland Legione. They are to make for the border with Saschen-Vindow where, in the light of the threat posed by the infernal engine, they are to proceed with all haste to engage the forces of Duke Peter and smash the aforementioned engine. Who knows what awaits them...


  1. Very nice photos, I really like your flag. We will monitor the situation closely as those infernal machines threaten the balance of power!

  2. sounds like it's going to be noisy!

  3. Nice looking units. Looks like things are going to get nasty.

    Mike - St. Maurice

  4. I agree on the minis, flag and terrain!

    The game is afoot!

  5. Noisy is a guarantee whenever DUDA is around!

    (officer leading with his sword drawn...even when just march out...sheesh what a showoff)

  6. Very nice figures and photos! Thanks for sharing. And the best of luck against that infernal machine.