Tuesday, 10 February 2009

On the Border...

Some photos of last night's game - our first trial outing for "Hot Trod " rules. These depict 16th century border reiver warfare. Considering we didn't know the rules too well we managed them without too many difficulties.
It was a chance to try out the basic system prior to adding on the colourful local/period details . The rules acquitted themselves well. We look forward to adding the super scenario rules soon. It looks like it is going to be a fun project- anyone know of a cheap(ish) Bastle house/peel tower in 25mm?


  1. Alan, I have your first and and address, but need your last name to mail Capt. Ludwig von Alesmister yout way. Thanks...Bill

  2. Bill
    my surname is Gruber

  3. Hi Alan,

    Sorry to hijack the comments here but as I can't easily reach you any other way I thought I'd say I haven't forgotten scanning and sending you the 18th century toy soldier information. The bout of back trouble I've been having since last week has now receded somewhat but I'm wary of fighting through to the bookshelves where I believe the books are and straining my back again. I'll dig them out ASAP, anyway, and send the scans via Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein.


  4. This is a period I could get into. Plenty of scope for all sorts of small-scale action as well as colorful personalities.

    Don't know of commercial models, but why not make your own? :-)

  5. Ian Weekley wrote a how-to article on a peel tower he made in an early issue of Miniature Wargames. They're a very distinctive building, and I may make one using my Hirst Arts molds.

  6. Interesting stuff, but not limited to Scotland.

    Where I live in Wales several of the older and more remote farmhouses have upturned scythe blades cemented into the chimneys in order to prevent brigands dropping down the stack at night.

    It does make a nice skirmish though.